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(Available in selected Texas Counties)
We have multiple programs for your Homeowner's business. Our standard program applies to owner occupied dwellings with values up to $500,000. (Non-owner occupied dwellings and vacants are written on our Dwelling Fire program). Minimum deductilble is $1,000 and can be adjusted upward depending on the individual risk. Coverage is written on a standard HO-3 with some modifications. Coverage on the roof is written on an ACV basis, other coverages are RCV. We exclude firearms, all animals and we also limit certain property extensions to 5% of the dwelling limit. Interior damage arising from Windstorm and Hail are not covered unless there is covered damage to the exterior of the dwelling. All of these limitations are included on a single form that must be signed by the prospective insured before we can bind coverage.

Certain exposures will result in surcharges to the standard rate such as swimming pools, shake roofs, fuses instead of circuit breakers and wood stoves.  We will also apply other limitations or exclusions depending upon the past experience and condition of the risk.

We will consider older homes, protection classes 8, 9 and 10, alternative constructions, credit and loss experience problems, cancellations and no prior insurance situations under this program.  We will also consider locations with commercial or home businesses on the same premises.

Premiums will be quoted on receipt of an application by DSU. No binding authorities are extended to the producer, coverage will only be bound upon acceptance by DSU.  Binders are normally forwarded within 24 hours of receipt of a written request to bind coverage.


High Value Homeowner's

(available in all states)
Our High Value program applies to owner-occupied, seasonal, rental and vacant dwellings that are in excess of the limits we will consider under the standard program. These exposures are individually underwritten and coverage form and terms are tailored to the circumstances of the individual situation. Quote will normally take 4-5 business days to finalize.

High Value Application

Dwelling Fire

(available in all states)
This program is designed for rentals (both long and short term), seasonals, condos, renter's contents and vacant structures.

   Coverage: Either an ISO Special Form Dwelling or a Basic Form depending on the circumstances of the risk.  Coverages can be written on an Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost basis for both dwelling and contents. Minimum deductible is $1,000.  Personal Liability up to $1,000,000 can be afforded. 

Special Form (DP-3) - rentals, renter's contents and Condos
Basic Form (DP-1) - vacants and seasonals

 We will consider higher protection classes, alternative constructions, credit, non-renewal and experience problems.  We will also apply exclusions, limitations and surcharges depending on the circumstances of the risk.

    Producers do not have rates for this program, each submission is individually rated.  Producers have no binding authority under this program, risks can be bound once a firm quotation is issued.  Binders are normally forwarded within 24 hours of receipt of an acceptable application.

Dwelling Application
Vacant Dwelling Application

Residential Builder's Risk


(available in all states)
Program is available for residential renovation. Project cost up to 150% of existing structure to a maximum dwelling value of $750,000. Premises liability up to $1,000,000 is available. Protection Classes 9 and 10 are not eligible. Policy term up to 12 months. Basic or special coverage forms are available.

We will not consider dwellings with existing damage, projects involving significant structural modification or instances where the insured is acting as his own contractor. Contractors must carry a minimum of $1,000,000 in liability limits.


Ground Up Construction
We will consider completed values up to $1,000,000. Basic and Special Forms available on an ACV or RCV basis. Includes Property in Transit and Off Site Coverage. Protection classes 9 & 10 are not eligible. Policy term up to 12 months.

We will not consider projects where construction has already begun under this program. No alternative constructions, manufactured homes or mobile homes. Contractor must maintain a minimum of $1,000,000 in liability coverage. (In all of these instance, we may have other options, so give us a call).


Vacant Land

(available in all states)
We will consider vacant land up to 500 acres including water hazards up to 1 acre. Land must be 100% vacant (no structures or other activities on the land). Grazing, farming or hunting activities are not eligible.